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New map - Apothecary Quarter, home of the Alchemist! Combat improvemets, visual updates for several abilities and maps.
DateApril 20, 2018
The two main parts of this update are the new map, Apothecary Quarter and the new pathing system that heroes use to move around. The previous system has been completely scrapped and replaced with an improved one which provides player with better control over their heroes. The new pathing system also allows for knock-off the top platform on Eerie Cemetery and Apothecary Quarter.

Here are the full patch notes:
  • New map, Apothecary Quarters, home of the Alchemist has been added.
  • Updated the Proving Grounds arena map. The map is now longer similar to the other maps to allow a bit more time for players to pick which enemy to attack. The middle area of the map is also a bit wider but prevents users from reaching its sides where vision is obscured by the arena's roof. Several visual improvements have also been added.
  • Several visual improvements have been added to the other maps most noticeably the Rocky Glade map had it's surroundings update.
  • Updated the pathing system for heroes with improved movement and obstacle detection. Heroes no longer push one another when moving and will now instead avoid each other. The new pathing system also offers better performance, increasing FPS especially on older devices.
  • The Alchemist and Gladiator heroes can now knock enemy heroes off areas that are on higher ground. On Eerie Cemetery heroes can be knocked off from the middle area through the small holes in the wall where the short spikes are. On the Apothecary Quarter map, heroes can be knocked off to the lower areas from anywhere other than the middle area which is protected by a fence.
  • Gladiator's blue attack has been slowed down to allow players to counter-play it by using a movement ability of their own which offers stun protection. So for example the Jaeger hero could use her blue ability to evade the Gladiator's stun.
  • Updated a shader that made some objects that were using textures with transparency look a bit weird. This was particularly noticeable on the trees on the Rocky Glade map.
  • Gladiator's damage reduction from the green ability has a new, more prominent animation.
  • Small animation improvements have been added to other abilities too such as the Jaeger's Red ability, Gladiator's Purple ability and Earth Mage's Green ability.
  • Updated the way radius markers and abilities look on maps with multiple height levels and particularly on ramps.
  • Improved the Earth Mage's Purple ability knock back effect.
  • The Gladiator's blue ability explosion effect was previously not displaying properly. Updated animation timing for a better visual effect.
  • The "Move all Heroes" and "All Heroes Attack" buttons now also disappear when the rest of the UI disappears during abilities that require additional input.
  • Added indicators that show certain abilities as locked for rooted heroes. For example the Gladiator's Blue ability will appear as locked if the Gladiator is being attacked by the Jaeger's Red ability which roots him.
  • Movement speed for heroes has been reduced by 25% making gap closers more important and also at the same time making it a bit easier to keep track of what happens in an arena match.

Got any questions? Join us on Reddit. Thank you for playing and good luck in the arena!
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