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Updated website with lots of documentation, new map visuals and updated Gladiator & Jaeger green abilities!
DateJanuary 31, 2018
Here are the full patch notes for the first update of 2018!
  • [Ability Update] - Earth Mage Blue: The animation for this ability has been reduced in length, allowing the Earth Mage to perform more actions.
  • [Ability Update] - Gladiator Red: The area this ability affects has been increased. This will allow the use of this ability at the start of a fight and have the effect apply to the player's ranged heroes too. Before it only affected the melee heroes due to its smaller range.
  • [Ability Update] - Jaeger Green: The Jaeger summons a swift wind around her, healing herself and all heroes within range of the effect. For the duration, if not slowed or stunned the Jaeger will dodge 75% of incoming attacks.
  • [Ability Update] - Gladiator Green: For the next 3 seconds, all the damage the Gladiator does also heals him. Until canceled, any damage the Gladiator takes makes him take 10% less damage (up to 100%) from the next attack. If the Gladiator doesn't take any damage for more than 2 seconds, the damage reduction effect is canceled immediately.
  • [Bug Fix] - Fixed an issue that caused the background of the "season's end top players window" to stay visible even after the popup window was closed.
  • [Bug Fix] - Fixed an issue that caused the camera to jitter if a second finger was added on the screen after the first one and not at the same time with the first one in order to zoom in/out.
  • [Bug Fix] - Fixed an issue that was showing some flags as red on score screen for victory and some as blue for defeats. Now all flags are blue for victory and all are red for defeat.
  • [Bug Fix] - Fixed an issue where the highest arena rating wasn't being saved properly, instead showing the current rating.
  • [Bug Fix] - At the end of a stun or sleep effect, the hero makes sure both effects are not present before returning the hero to its normal state. Before if a stun ended but the hero was still asleep, the hero was temporarily bugged.
  • [Bug Fix] - Popup that shows what ability the Syphoness stole is now hidden during the death animation of a hero.
  • [Animation Update] - Jaeger's Green ability animation has been updated to reflect the new changes.
  • [Mechanics Update] - While in the arena, both healing and damage are increased by 50% every minute.
  • [Mechanics Update] - Independent area effects that do damage are no longer affected by enemy miss effects or debuffs such as do half damage. This affects the Alchemist Red and Frozen Knight Red abilities. The Syphoness Green and Red abilities and Alchemist Purple are still affected.
  • [Map Updates] - Rocky Glade, Mountain Pass and Eerie Cemetery have had some visual updates applied, particularly to rock designs. Mountain Pass in addition now has two walls in the middle platform to better complement the Frozen Knight abilities.
  • Updated the ability code flow for a better optimization and in preparation for future game content that will involve more than two players present at the same time.
  • Increased the quality of some of the smaller animation particles as they sometimes appeared pixelated on iOS
  • A.I. now properly moves out of all enemy area of effect abilities.
  • Added several tooltips through the game which are only shown once to help players understand the UI better.

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